Find out how to supercharge your REIA with

We will be hosting a live webinar next month to show local REIA owners exactly how to create a local coaching program for your REIA that will:

  1.  Create tons of New Revenue
  2.  Energize your Membership
  3.  And position your REIA as the source of
         LOCAL EXPERTISE in your market.

How does it work?

The first step will be joining us for a live webinar with our team. Then chose the path that makes the most sense for your REIA.

Coaching, In Person Sessions

We show you How

Our local coaches will show you how we set up our business, how we get students, and how we make sure that they are successful. Then you can set up your mentoring program and go your own way.

Coaching, Rehab Bus Tour

We Make it EASY!

Not only will we show you how we have built our own mentoring program that has brought millions in revenue to our REIA, you will get a Coaching Program in a Box, with systems, processes, forms, and online courses for your students. Plus, you’ll join a community of other Certified Coaches, with regular mastermind events to share best practices across markets.

Coaching, Basement Repair

We find someone to do it for you

Our goal at is to put a Certified Coach in every market. If you don’t think you have the capacity to manage a coaching program on your own, help us identify a potential coach in your market, and be their sponsoring REIA for a portion their revenues. They will get all the benefits of our program, and you will still get more revenue and more REIA engagement.

Our Flagship Coaching Program

Milwaukee REIA Mentoring

Since COVID hit in 2020, our Flagship Local Mentoring Program has provided over $1 million in revenue to the Milwaukee REIA. With an average of 3 coaches, and 20 students during that period, the Milwaukee REIA’s Executive Director has averaged just over 5 hours a week on this program. 

Sign Up Now!

Click the button below to register for our upcoming webinar on August 4th to learn about how our mentoring program is bennefiting our Flagship REIA in Milwaukee.